Intelligent Generator Control Panel (SY-8)

Intelligent Generator Control Panel (SY-8)

Control system uses complete automation control, can select the control molds of direct manual, automatism, tale control.
It can set up and control various correlative generate electricity parameter of generator. When it reaches the control value, it has opposite relay exported.

Among the total include:
General forewarning relay (Voltage, frequency, current, power exceeds limit) relays export. (It is used for system forewarn).
It will give an alarm when the voltage and frequency is exceed the limit, relay exports (It is used for stop, parting the brake when it is failure)
Assistant output: Normal movement, relay exports and it is used for switching in or ATS transition.

Setup of the basic running control parameters:
When the system is power on, press the F button that is on the lower left of the display screen and then enter the setup sequence of basic running parameters immediately. At first it will display "PASS", at this time you should press the secure passwords in turn (up, down, left, right) then you can enter to setup.
It will reveal the serial number and name of the first setup parameter after entrance: "01 CT" (currents transformer ratio), it will reveal its parameter after 2 seconds. You can useto let it reveal the number which you want, After complete the '01 CT'operation and then press the key of F to setup anther parameters.
After reveal per parameter, if rest 20seconds without pressing any key, it will return to the running condition display sequence automatically.


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