Intelligent Emergency Diesel Engine Pump

Intelligent Emergency Diesel Engine Pump


These diesel engine pumps are made to supply water, which have advantages of unattended operation, advanced technology, superior function, with rational construction, easy installation and effective cost, etc.



??? Comprehensive intelligent control system

??? Direct digital control (DDC)

??? Compensative information display

??? Mechanical-electrical integration system design

??? Equipped with communication interface, for remote monitoring, remote controlling, remote adjusting and remote communication.

??? Equipped with base-fuel tank and low level fuel exhaust pump, to start up in emergency.

??? Fully water cooled structure

??? Controller applied special chip with fixed programs

??? Speed regulation system with soft reset and soft speeded-up function

??? Maintenance-free battery with intelligent changer.

??? Impeller in cast iron(bronze on request)

??? Choose brand name motors as customers’ requirements


The Components Included:

* Diesel engine,

* Water pump,

* AIS,

* Two units of storage battery, two units of battery charger,

* Electric speed controller,

* Exhaust silencer and steel base (fuel tank)


Note: Model selection according to pump’s head and flow as customers’ requirements.


Accessories (Option)

External fuel tank, engine jacket water heater (below 4 °C), vacuum priming system, constant lift/ special check valve

Product Origin: China
Model Number: SY-1
Brand Name: Sunyear

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