Generator Synchronizer series

Generator Synchronizer series

(1) Application

SY-SC-2023 diesel auto-synchronizer, which use widely for many kinds of medium and high speed imported/domestic diesel generator, provide smooth, fast, automatic paralleling of generators at an economical cost.

(2) characteristics

high regulation accuracy low temperature drift;

rapid synchronization tracking adjustment;

synchronous closing relay output ;

the Closing angle 0~20o % adjustable control;

phase error equalizing;

synchronization tracking PI(scale, integral) adjustable control;

synchronization phase locked up;(can assort with electric switch which has a long closing time without pre-stored energy

(3) Technical parameters

Adjustable closing angle


Adjustable phase error equalizing

±5 o

The synchronous closing output relay capacity

general 5A/250V AC;


synchronous sampling voltage signal

single-phase or 2 phase 200~440V ?110/190V?230/400V?50~60HZ?400HZ

Temperature range

40oC ~ + 85 oC

Humidity range

Max.98%RH non-condensing

Battery voltage

10 ~16 or 15~ 30V DC

Product Origin: CHINA
Model Number: SY-2023
Brand Name: SUNYEAR

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Contact Person: Miss tulip
Address: NO.111 jianwang road. Guangzhou, guangdong province, China
Zip: 510220
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